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The employment relationship is integral to the success of any organisation. There are many laws which govern it and if not correctly applied may lead to claims of unfair dismissal or workplace bullying by an employee.

For public bodies, such as schools, the breakdown in employee relations can have a significant impact on the day to day running of the school and staff morale. Although a school may be able to access advice from a human resources provider, it is important that legal advice is not detached or inaccessible. Our objective is, therefore, to guide schools and academies through the maze of regulations to try to avoid expensive and time-consuming disputes. It may take the form of implementing legally sound policies to minimise the threat of claims against a school but also to provide a sufficient response and protect the school’s position in this eventuality. 

What We Do

As specialist employment solicitors for schools, we provide proactive legal advice to reduce the risk of claims and can support you to ensure that robust policies and procedures are in place to manage HR issues. Working together with your human resources provider, we can help steer you to fair and successful outcomes for the employee and the school.

We advise on the full spectrum of issues including:

  • Advice on NQTs and supporting induction periods
  • Employee benefits and rights
  • Dismissal and grievance procedures
  • Varying contracts of employment
  • All forms of discrimination
  • Transfers of undertakings ("TUPE")
  • The outsourcing of services and the employment consequences for the school and staff (e.g. catering/ cleaning services)
  • Restructures and redundancy
  • Advising on settlements and negotiating the terms of compromise agreements
  • Advising and assisting with the preparation of all types of claims being lodged by employees at the Employment Tribunal, in the County Court or the Employment Appeals Tribunal
  • Mediation, which may be a cost effective way of resolving disputes without the hostility which may arise in the case of formal proceedings through the courts