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Following the implementation of the Children and Families Act, schools have a number of legal duties in respect of meeting the needs of children with Special Educational Needs. Added to the fact that schools are being required by law to admit more children with Statements of Special Educational Needs/Education Health and Social Care Plans who have complex needs, this can present a number of difficulties.  To meet these challenges we provide advice to schools in a range of different areas:

School Policies & Procedures

  • We provide advice on the school’s SEN Policy and procedures to ensure that it complies with SEN legislation

Requesting Support from Local Authorities

  • How schools should make requests for statutory assessment – what needs to be included in a request to ensure that it is given proper consideration
  • We can advise you on requesting more support for children with Statements of Special Educational Needs/Education, Health and Social Care Plans where your delegated funding is insufficient

Admission of Children with Statements

  • We provide advice to schools on the admissions process for children with Statements of Special Educational needs and Education Health and Care Plans.
    It is important for schools to understand that the admissions process is distinct from the admissions procedure which applies to children without a Statement or a Plan; often this is not made clear to schools by local authorities, which means that schools are being forced to take more and more complex children without being given the necessary resources and without following the necessary statutory consultation process
  • Drafting responses to local authority consultations in respect of the proposed admission of SEN children to ensure that the schools position is protected and that if it is required to admit a child, sufficient resources are provided

SEN Casework Support for Schools

  • Advising on SEN case matters such as the conduct of annual reviews and the administration of the Statement/Plan to ensure that the school has sufficient resources to be able to meet the child's needs
  • Advising on parental complaints concerning SEN matters
  • Submit complaints on your behalf to the Secretary of State against Local Authorities who fail to properly resource the school to meet the needs of children with Statements/Plans