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Challenges against admissions authorities' decisions and admissions policies are becoming more frequent as the demand for places at popular schools increases. It is therefore important for Governing Bodies to think carefully about the application of its admission policy.

To meet this challenge we are able to advise schools on:

Admissions Policies and Procedures

  • The admissions policy and criteria for the school, to ensure that it is compliant with the Admissions Code of Practice
  • Dealing with complaints to the Schools Adjudicator or the Young People's Learning Agency
  • Advising on changes to admissions policies

Admission Appeals

  • We are able to provide clerking support to admission appeal panels and ensuring that the panel has access to legal support when making decisions
  • Dealing with Ombdusman complaints in respect of admissions decisions
  • Providing advice and support on the conduct of admission appeals, where we:
  • Provide advice on admission appeals
  • Draft the school's submissions in respect of admission appeals
  • Provide representation before Independent Admissions Appeals Panels

Complaints and Admissions Challenges

  • Challenging the decisions of Indepedent Admissions Appeal Panels
  • Responding to complaints against admissions policies which have been made by parents to the Local Government Ombudsman
  • Referrals to the Schools Adjudicator in respect of admissions policies and disputes concerning the placement of children under the In Year Fair Access Protocol