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Schools and Academies are required to observe and follow an increasing number of legislative provisions. These are now exposing Headteachers and School Governors to an increasing number of legal challenges, particularly from parents.

As a 'public body', school governing bodies need to ensure that decisions are taken in accordance with clear and transparent procedures and in accordance with the relevant law. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in complaints being made to the Local Government Ombudsman or in claims of judicial review being lodged in the High Court by parents. A successful judicial review claim not only has cost consequences for a school but could result in its practices and procedures being ruled unlawful.

To meet this new epidemic we are dedicated to delivering the best in education law. In the UK we have built a formidable reputation for providing accessible, independent and affordable support across a broad scope of issues, including:


We have a team of specialists who have acquired deep experience and knowledge in school litigation. You will definitely be in safe hands with Legal4Schools. Our services are provided confidentially and, unlike local authority or shared legal services, we work to protect the interests of schools and their stakeholders.

Specialist Legal Support for Schools

With schools under increasing pressures to seek pragmatic support for their management teams and Governors, our education lawyers are on hand to give legal training and practical advice on how to improve the quality of your decision making and reduce the event of a judicial challenge. We can do this on a one-off basis or through our bespoke subscription packages for ongoing and/or routine legal enquiries. Visit our fees page to find out more.