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Legal claims and challenges against schools are on the increase. As such, itís becoming increasingly important for school governors and headteachers to have access to cost effective legal advice so that they can adequately respond to the claims. This is where we can help. As a well-respected law firm we can assist you through an extensive range of academic regulations and complaint procedures.

What Type of Support Will You Receive? 

You can choose how you would like our solicitors to support you. This may include:

  • Attendance at meetings
  • Email / written advice
  • Telephone advice
  • Drafting documents/letters 

What Legal Resources Will You Have Access To? 

You will gain access to the Members Area of our website. Depending on which package you opt for you can can access to:

  • Enhanced legal FAQ's
  • Model policies
  • Sample letters
  • Legal updates
  • Good practice briefings
  • Free copies of our Education Law Bulletin
  • Topical quarterly magazine setting out changes in the law which may impact on schools in the areas of education and employment law
  • Free entry to our quarterly training seminars


What Are The Different Cost Packages?

1). Hourly Rate

Schools may decide that they do not need regular access to legal advice and it is only when an issue arises that they would consider seeking legal support. In this instance we can offer our expertise on an individual basis which will be charged at an agreed hourly rate. 

Our hourly rates are as follows: 

Solicitor Advocate    

£150.00 per hour

Senior Solicitor

£120.00 per hour


£100.00 per hour

Trainee Solicitor

£85.00 per hour


£75.00 per hour


Where a school requires ongoing legal support and engages our services on an hourly rate, we will provide an initial estimate of our costs so that you have some idea as to the likely legal costs involved in resolving the matter. As the case progresses, we will provide you with regular cost updates to ensure that the legal costs are manageable and within the budget allocated to the case. 


2). Subscription Packages

Alternatively, we can provide legal support through our bespoke subscription packages. These allow schools to benefit from immediate access to legal advice which has previously been"paid for" and does not require separate budgetary arrangements to be made. The packages operate as a type of insurance for schools ensuring that they have access to legal advice whenever they need it.

We offer three main packages and the costs are priced according to the level of support we provide:

Platinum Package

£1,500 per annum

Bronze Package

£2,000 per annum

One Call Advice Line

£250.00 (per term) or £700.00 per annum

These packages offer schools the flexibility to engage with our solicitors on their preferences and requirements. They also offer competitive legal rates in comparison to other legal practices. 

Our packages are an annual subscription but if you need additional advice (beyond the package entitlements) then you can opt to buy extra hours. While our standard hourly rate is £75.00 (+VAT) package subscribers will receive a 5% discount.

Meanwhile, if a school does not use its allocation of legal support hours, then they can carry them over into the next academic year. There may be a small charge for continuing to use our online resources, if this is required.

The benefits for subscribing to one of our packages includes:

  • Reassurance that legal advice is readily available whenever you need it
  • Cost effective in comparison to engaging solicitors on an hourly rate
  • Peace of mind from knowing that an unexpected demand for legal advice can be met without having to make separate budgetary arrangements
  • Unlike an in-house legal team which has duties to the local Council, we are solely focused on protecting your interests and confidentiality  


3). Fixed Fees

In some cases we are also able to offer you a fixed fee for our work. 

If you would like to discuss the option of a fixed fee on a specific case, we are happy to discuss your requirements with you and can provide you with a fixed cost, which will include our costs and any professional disbursements. The advantage of a fixed fee is that you can budget for bringing legal claims and are not liable for unexpected costs which may not have been budgeted for.


4). Disbursements

In the majority of cases it is unlikely that there will be a need for seeking external advice, for example, the advice of a barrister. However, in complex cases where this is necessary, the costs of instructing a barrister will be additional to our costs.

If external advice is required we will discuss this and the costs involved with you in advance before engaging a barrister.

What We Do Not Cover


What We Do Not Cover

It is, of course, up to an individual school to decide how they wish to pay for their  legal support and in what areas they'll seek advice on but it's worth noting that we do not cover: 

  • Personal injury and negligence claims
  • criminal proceedings Representation at a panel, tribunal or court (unless expressly agreed)
  • Barrister fees or disbursements (unless expressly agreed)
  • Damages/costs which a third party may seek to claim against a school through legal proceeding
  • Property work or conveyancing
  • Complex contractual work