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Our highly experience solicitors specialise in niche areas of education law and practice. Here are a few examples of our great work:

Teacher Dismissal For Inappropriate Use of Social Media 

We successfully defended the school against a claim of unfair dismissal brought by a teacher. Following a disciplinary procedure, the teacher had been dismissed for the inappropriate use of social media both in and outside of school.

The school successfully argued that the teacher had acted inappropriately by connecting with children through facebook and storing pictures of them on a private computer without the knowledge of the children's parents. The school considered the actions amounted to gross misconduct and this view was upheld by the Tribunal.

Primary School Transfer Into An Academy Network

We advised an academy primary school during their integration with a larger academy chain. We assisted in negotiating the terms of transfer and the school's funding agreement.

Mr and Mrs G Vs. X School

The case concerned a claim of disability discrimination against a school. The child's parents argued that their child with ASD had been discriminated against in the way that the school had supported the child. It had been argued that the child had been unlawfully excluded and that there had been a failure to use appropriate ASD strategies to meet the child's needs.  

Legal4Schools represented the school and successfully argued before the Tribunal that the school had made reasonable adjustments to meet the child's needs and had not subjected him to any discriminatory treatment. The Tribunal were critical of the parent's decision to lodge a claim against the school.

Primary School Conversion To Academy Status 

We advised the Governing Body of a primary school on their conversion to an Academy. We advised that before converting they should become a foundation school. This would enable them to have full control and ownership of the land and buildings as opposed to only being granted a lease on conversion.

We successfully negotiated the land transfer with the Local Authority and ensured that on conversion to an Academy the school gained a considerable asset which it had full control over.

Claim of Harassment

We successfully represented a secondary school in the County Court against a claim of harassment brought by parents. It was claimed that the school had subjected parents to harassment by excluding them from the school premises because of their behaviour.

The parents sought to bring a claim for damages against the school and to take injunctive relief against the school. We successfully argued that the claim was completely without merit and should be dismissed by the Court.